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Last Update: Oct 23, 2009

Version ##REVISION##

Templates Changed:

Build 934 (Version 2.1.934)

Templates Changed:

Build 854 (Version 2.0.854)

Important - read the upgrade guide!

Templates Changed:

Every template has been touched, to use the new url() function. Instead of including SITE_URL/index.php/module/path, it is now just url('/module/path'). Specific changes are listed below:

Build 700 (Version 1.2.700)

Templates Changed:

Build 661 (Version 1.2.661)

Templates Changed:

Build 610 (Version 1.2.610)

New Settings:

Config::Set('LOAD_FACTOR', '72'); 
This setting determines the % of MAXLOAD which are on a flight. 
The system will generate a passenger/cargo load based off of this number.
The industry load factor at this time is 72% (according to ATA). 
Can be adjusted, not more than 90%. phpVMS will decide between +/- 10% of LOAD_FACTOR

Config::Set('CARGO_UNITS', 'lbs');
This is your units for cargo flights - lbs/kg/newtons ;)

Config::Set('UNITS', 'nm'); 
Enter nm (nautical miles), mi (miles), or km (kilometers)
This will affect distance calculations

Config::Set('VA_START_DATE', 'October 2008');

This is the month your VA started, used for stats. Config::Set('MONEY_UNIT', '$'); This is the unit of money. For non-dollars, use : Euro (€), enter "€" Yen (¥), enter "¥" Pounds (£), enter "£" For example: Config::Set('MONEY_UNIT', '€'); // For Euro There are also various settings for FSPAX, please make sure those are proper

Template Changes:


core_htmlhead.tpl - Revert to the default one
- The contact form. Any extra fields added here will also be emailed downloads_list.tpl - Shows the main list of categories and downloads download_item.tpl - This is the "Downloading Now" page
finance_balancesheet.tpl - BEWARE. Try NOT to edit this one
finance_header.tpl - Same as above
finance_summarysheet.tpl - Same as above


profile_main.tpl - Added link to download page, financials, and FSPassengers config link:

<li><a href="<?php echo SITE_URL ?>/index.php/downloads">View
	Downloads</a></li> --- <li><a href="<?php echo SITE_URL
	?>/index.php/finances">View VA Finances</a></li>


<li><a href="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/action.php/acars/fspaxconfig">Download
	FSPax Config</li>

schedule_details.tpl - Chart change

pirep_new.tpl - Added "Fuel Used" field, and removed flight leg field 

profile_edit.tpl - Select box for signature background images

Build 458 (Version 1.1.458)

core_htmlhead.tpl - added page encoding meta tag

Build 441 (Version 1.1.441)

Template Changes:

pirep_new.tpl - the Aircraft option field value has changed
			MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE THIS or else your PIREPS will fail

pireps_viewall.tpl - Aircraft registration added to list

pirep_viewreport.tpl - Aircraft added to view

Build 437 (Version 1.1.437)

pirep_viewreport.tpl (reorganized)

Build 400 (Version 1.1.400)



 <p>This VA has a total of <?php echo StatsData::TotalFlights();?> flights</p>
Config::Set('UNITS', 'mi'); // Your units: mi or km

Build 370 (Release!)